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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Is WrapN'Roll Food Wrapping paper safe for packing food ?

 -WrapN'Roll Food wrapping paper is certified food grade paper approved to be in direct contact with food items. 

2) How is food wrapping paper eco-friendly ?

-WrapN'Roll Food Wrapping Paper is Manufactured in a FSC Approved facility which stands for forest stewardship council what it actually means that we grow more than we use. Paper is also recyclable and Bio-degradable.

3) Why chose WrapN'Roll Food Wrapping Paper over other paper wraps and aluminum foil?

-Well we don't like to boast but lets be honest WrapN'Roll is the best wrapping paper that is out there with our top of the quality food wrapping paper and the most beautiful design that increases the appetite as you eat with your eyes first. The conventional food wraps like aluminum foil,paper wraps or butter paper are not safe to pack food as they are not approved to be in direct contact with food. WrapN'Roll Food Wrapping Paper is approved to be in direct contact with food and the surface also offers non stick,oil proof, and moisture and pH balancing properties.

4)What does it mean "FDA Approved"?

-FDA stands for food and drug administration which is standard authority in India to administer standard in segment of food and products that are associated with direct food contact. WrapN'Roll Food wrapping paper is approved by FDA which means that we maintains highest quality and standard safety measures while manufacturing your favorite food wrapping paper.

5)Do we deliver pan India and is cash on delivery available?

-YES! we deliver Pan India and Cash on delivery is also available although COD charges will apply.

6)How to contact us ?

-It's simple just tap on the green chat button on  the bottom right of your screen and you will be redirected to the Whatsapp chat box of post your query and our team will respond to you in a while :)


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Very good quality and it was delivered on time 👍👍👍

Great stuff. Very attractive and healthy option for packing food 👍

Still i haven't received the order...

Still i haven't received the order..being too late..not satisfie. please send otherwise return my money

Food wrapping paper

Very good product for packing, baking and reheating baked products.

Very nice product 👍