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Dal Aloo Tikki Burgers

Key Ingredients: 

mashed potatoes

white bread slices

Salt and red chilli to taste

Garam masala

cumin powder

coriander powder

chana dal (parboiled)

green chilli

Lemon juice


How to Make Aloo And Dal ki Tikki




  • 1.Crumble bread slices.
  • 2.Add mashed potatoes, chana dal, coriander leave
  • s, lemon juice and chilies.
  • 3.Spice it up with cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala, salt and few drops of oil.
  • 4.Mix it well.
  • 5.Shape into round flat patties and fry golden brown.burger patties in a white plate


To make the burger sauce, add to a bowl- mayonnaise, sriracha,vinegar, sugar and salt to taste.burger sauce in a bowl

Mix until you get a smooth sauce. Set it aside.

burger sauce

To assemble the burgers, heat the burger buns on a pan on medium heat. You may apply some butter or oil while heating the buns.burger buns bring heated on a pan

Apply generous amount of prepared burger sauce on both parts of the bun, then place a piece of lettuce on one side.

burger buns with lettuce


To the other part (on which there’s no lettuce), add the prepared burger patty and top with tomato, onion and cucumber.

vegetable burgers on a red plate

Close the burger and serve immediately. Repeat steps to make the remaining burgers. Enjoy masala vegetarian burger as such or with a side of french fries!

vegetarian burger with lettuce, tomato and a dripping burger sauce


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