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  • Egg Plant Wraps

    This Middle Eastern Eggplant Wrap warm roasted (or grilled ) eggplant. It’s topped with a mountain of lemon juice with lots of fresh parsley and mint.  Radishes give color and crunch and tomatoes when in season are a nice addition too. Keep it lean and vegan with or add crumbly feta cheese or smear of plain Greek yogurt or for extra richness.
  • Dal Aloo Tikki Burgers

    Key Ingredients:  mashed potatoes white bread slices Salt and red chilli to taste Garam masala cumin powder coriander powder chana dal (parboiled) ...
  • Bombay Veg Frankie Recipe

    Preparation: To make pickled green chili topping, combine sliced chilies and vinegar in a bowl. Keep it aside till needed.  Boil the potatoe...
  • Paneer Shawarma Recipe

      Ingredients for Paneer Shawarma Recipe Paneer (cottage cheese) cut into slabs 350 grams Rotis wheat flour 4 Garlic cloves 9 Cum...
  • Maggi Cheese Paratha Recipe

    Ingredients 1 Maggi small pkt as needed Wheat flour dough 3-4 tbsp Pasta & pizza sauce 3-4 Amul cheese slices 2 ...
  • Moong Dal Chilla Recipe

                        Moong dal chilla is a simple recipe made from a batter of minced moong dal and onions and tomatoes. Though easy to make these m...

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