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Myth & Reality

When it comes to wrapping food, the market offers you a variety of products to solve the purpose. From wrapping paper to aluminium foil to whatnot, and it's time you should know what not to use for your food to be healthy inside out.

All sorts of food can benefit from being wrapped after or while serving; not only to protect them from foreign particles but also from spoiling and dirt.

A quality wrapping paper is grease and moisture resistant treated for safely and hygienically wrapping your food. But Lets talk about the conventional methods first. 

1) Aluminium Foil

First, let’s examine aluminium’s potential health risks, controversial as they may be. Aluminium foil is made from you guessed it aluminium, a metal that has been linked to Alzheimer’s and kidney disease. Though the link has been called weak, that may not be a risk you’re willing to take with your health.

Also, researches found that small amounts of aluminium may leach into food during the cooking process.

2) Butter Paper

Now let us ponder upon what butter paper does that it is not advisable for food.

  1. Bleaching

The Butter paper, that is commonly available, goes through a lot of processing that not only gives it a bad odour sometimes, but things are much deeper than that. It undergoes rigorous bleaching, that changes its chemical stability and it also makes it leech those chemicals into food, resulting in a plethora of harmful diseases that range from non-serious to fatal.

  1. Non Food Grade

Butter paper is not food grade! Yes, you read it right, butter paper that you buy as an alternative to real food wrapping paper, is not meant to be kept in contact with food, let alone keep it for the storage box good. The use of it to wrap food shows the need of awareness regarding this area.

  1. Sticks to food

Apart from being potentially harmful to health, butter paper isn't even cohesive. It sticks to your food, in the presence of even a little moisture. It's sticking to food makes food look soggy and the issue of hygiene remains unsolved.

  1. Low Quality

Deriving from the points above and researches, butter paper is a really low-quality product that absolutely doesn't go with food. It is extremely low quality that leeches chemicals into food, risking diseases like cancer, and it sticks to food because of no food-grade science behind it.


And now you know, what are the alternative options and why do they fail.

WrapN'Roll food Wrapping paper is the one stop solution for all your needs. It is food grade, unbleached and doesn't stick to your food keeping it hygienic and a delight to eat. WrapN'Roll Food Wrapping paper keeps food unspoiled, hygienic and healthy; healthy food makes a healthy you.


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